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ReoGro is a simple, affordable, visually attractive and low maintenance way to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables in your own backyard year-round.


ReoGro Wall Gardens are simple, affordable, low maintenance and visually stunning way to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables in your own space year-round.


A true feature of any backyard, balcony, terrace, wall, etc. ReoGro Wall Gardens are guaranteed to enhance any area and becoming a talk-point for all those who see it.


Units are; (when fully optioned) self-watering, self-draining, complete vertical garden systems. They are perfect for those tight on space, low on time and big on fresh organic produce, herbs or even flowers.


ReoGro supply frames alone; with pots, potting mix, plants, irrigation and drainage. Customers can choose which options best suit their specific situation.


Frames are available in all different sizes and shapes and can be custom made in 3 different finishes for pickup, delivery or on-site installation.


ReoGro Wall Gardens are 100% Australian owned, designed, managed and manufactured. We are environmentally friendly and are constantly looking for new ways to minimise our environmental impact. Production combines a mixture of new, recycled and salvaged materials to ensure our product is as environmentally sustainable as possible.


ReoGro is what you want it to be. It’s your input and participation that makes your ReoGro unique.



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