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ReoGro photos, information, product names, available sizes, etc. can all be found here. Use this page to make an informed decision about which ReoGro unit suits your needs. Go to our "Get a Quote" Page for further enquiries and pricing.
"Classic Elle"

The ReoGro "Classic Elle" is the flag-ship of ReoGro's exciting new range of products.


The "Classic Elle" is perfect for optimising available space, providing privacy on balconies, or effectively dividing areas. The "Classic Elle" is available in all sizes and with all options.


Drainage and Irrigation origin point can be through either side, or the corner of the unit.


The beauty of the "Classic Elle" is it's ability to self-support. Nothing but level ground is required to install your own "Classic Elle".

"Reo Grande"

The "Reo Grande" is the most popular and perhaps the most versatile product in the ReoGro range.


The "Reo Grande" is perfect for straight balcony areas, wall mounting, or low-rise gardening. It has been extremely popular for keen gardeners with disabilities or those who have trouble bending to tend to ground level plants.


The "Reo Grande", like all of the ReoGro range, is available in custom sizes and has proven very effective on pergolas and patios in 'between-the-posts' situations it is also excellent when installed as a growing or 'green wall'.


The "Reo Grande" is available in all finishes and with all ReoGro options. 


ReoGro's "Vertigo" is the latest product in the ReoGro range. The Vertigo is an excellent and attractive wall mounted feature for any sound vertical surface.


The Vertigo has been used throughout Melbourne to cover and dress; walls, fences, etc.  


Custom Installations of the Vertigo have been very popular with ReoGro installing to brickwork, between steel posts and even outside the kitchen window for fresh herbs at arms reach.

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ReoGro Reo Grande Painted Finish